Bryan Boy, Is That You?

September 11, 2008


Image via

Image via

If you don’t know Bryan Boy than I highly suggest you start “Click Click Click”-ing on over to

Not only is he the funniest fashion blogger I know next to FakeKarl but he’s fashion’s newest muse. Marc loves him, Alber (from Lanvin) loves him and he loves all of them just as much. Not only did he have a Marc Jacobs bag named after him (which is Marc’s ultimate sign of commitment) but Cole Mohr channeled this “Third World” blogger in the new women’s Marc by Marc ad campaign.

So when I saw the Phillip Lim show on and this man (left) came out, all I could think was “Oh My God, Bryan Boy would love this.” His signature black, flowy pants with a well cut silk shirt with a great, wide, sparkly, embezzled belt. Bryan Boy, just consider this shopping for others. We knew you’d love this.

Just pair with some Pierre Hardys, and you’re all set to go.


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