Hello fashionistas, friends, fans and Fisher!

September 11, 2008


SImage via Style.com

Image via Style.com

So here it is my friends, Front Row Center, online and soon to be in print. This blog is a collaboration between a few different projects, a class, a newspaper and a website. Lost yet? Front Row Center will be appearing on the site in a daily format, but will appear in print in the Cardinal Courier newspaper every other Wednesday on St. John Fisher College campus. So read which ever you see, but don’t forget to check back between the two for even more fashion info, tips, and just my daily thoughts on the fashion world as it intersects with my own college life.

I know it sounds crazy, a student and fashion intern (at Fashionista.com, god I miss those girls)…starting a fashion blog during the middle of NYC Spring 2009 Fashion Week, amidst all the madness that’s occurring in Bryant Park at this very minute. But hey, what better time to jump right into things. 

Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs have been two of my favorite shows to watch every season, every year and this year was no different. From the blue and white dress at Marc by Marc (left) to the crazy layering at Marc Jacobs, I’m not really sure how Marc does it. He has so much inspiration going through his head, and creates so many designs that I find it hard to believe that he has that much creative energy to play around with (he designs Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs (his diffusion line) and the Louis Vuitton collection and accessories for all of them). How crazy is that?

For menswear at Marc, I honestly can’t find a single thing I wouldn’t wear. For real. The beaten silk blazers and the fire-y red/orange pants. I need every single piece from the Marc by Marc collection. Now..how does a 21 year old on a college budget pay for this? Looks like I’m going to have to start selling my soul for Marc Jacobs. I’m OK with that.

Until next time, or the next show.



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