I Heart Phillip Lim, Do You?

September 11, 2008


Images via Style.com

Images via Style.com


 I have to admit, I know that Phillip Lim has been a big deal in the fashion world for a long time now, well…in comparison to fresh faces like Rodarte and Alexander Wang. But I really haven’t kept up with alot of his designs until recently. Until he did his mens sandal collection for this summer when I fell in love with all his gladiator designs have I really discovered my love for Phillip. So, when he showed his collection at NY Fashion Week yesterday, I eagerly waited for Style.com to upload their photos. 

And boy was I not disappointed. Classic preppy looks with fresh proportions and sharp twists. For the men, it was all about long, double breasted jackets that actually gave guys a – gasp- shape. Lim also incorporated to trendy, but not so often seen on the street, drop-crotch pants (left) that I’m obsessed with. However, I’d probably never wear them.

For the women, it was all about elegancy, simplicity with amazing details. What’s not to love about this belt that’s tied into an oversized bow?

I find the best thing about Phillip Lim is that it’s not completely out of my price range. If you save up, hold off on the Gap sweater shopping this year and save your pennies, Phillip Lim is not entirely out of reach. So when Phillip shows up on Barneys.com come February, I’ll meet you there!



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