The Ins and the Outs of Rolled Pants

September 15, 2008

Photos via The Sartorialist

Photos via The Sartorialist

It’s not really something seriously fashion forward but it does add a little bit of something to any guy’s outfit. I’ve been rolling my pants all summer, mostly because when you’re interning on the hot streets of New York where you think that your Converse might be melting to your feet, you will do just about anything to cool your limbs. And we all know that you can’t intern in fashion and get away with wearing shorts every day.


So, basically, rolling pants was the way I went. However, some problems arise when it comes to raising the hemline on your denim. First of all, if your jeans or pants aren’t straight cut, don’t bother. A rolled boot cut jean will turn into more of a high-water-bell-bottom than anything remotely stylish.

Thus, a straight cut jean works best and keeps the line of the leg narrowed. It’s also important to roll high enough to where you don’t shorten the leg, but not high enough to where you’re wearing man-capris.

In these pictures from The Sartorialist, the first man pulled off a successful roll. Just right. The second, an example of how to make yourself look slightly clownish.

Didn’t know it was that technical, I bet, huh?



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