Obsession: Rachel Zoe + Company. I die.

September 16, 2008


Image via the New York Times

Image via the New York Times

The Rachel Zoe Project premiered on Bravo last Tuesday and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I missed it on TV but I immediately found it on iTunes and downloaded it. iTunes tells me that I’ve watched it 5 times since last Tuesday. 


There’s just something about how, honestly, down to earth she is. Her assistant Taylor, however, is a wretched bitch. Poor Brad. He is so cute and so nice and only wants a little help. Yet, Taylor only yells at him and says he should just know what he’s doing. Well, if anyone wants to know, when you’re working in fashion, you should probably never just do something without at least consulting someone else. There’s nothing more embarrassing than doing something wrong and coming back and getting the “What the hell is this?” look.

Pressing on. Rachel’s fun little sayings have me seriously addicted to her personality. 

“I die”, “Bananas”, “Kills it”

It reminds me of Victoria Beckham’s “Mayjah”. I love it.

So, basically, tune in and see Rachel’s antics, huge platform shoes and amazing shopping habits.

“Ugh, I die. Le Birkin!”


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