Noah, er, Rachel’s Arc

September 18, 2008


Image via Vogue

Image via Vogue



The Zoe Camp was underwater last night (don’t you love the pic I chose for this, hellooo Caroline Trentini and Michael Phelps).


It was probably one of the funniest episodes of reality television I’ve ever seen. Funny, yet, tragic. All those amazing glorious “hero” gowns were soaked to the bone and I was mortified to see silk chiffon and organza and couture with water marks. 

But really? Really, Brad? You would just hang them up and then run out and find new ones? Helloooo, wouldn’t it make more sense to see if they’re salvageable first instead of just hoping that Rachel won’t notice new dress in the place of the old ones that are, for some reason, hanging in her shower?

Side note: Fendi makes furniture? This is TOTALLY new news to me. Send some of that this way. It’d really spice up my dorm room.

OK, I promise this won’t turn into a Rachel Zoe fan club blog, but I’m just totally bananas for this show.

More fashion soon, promise.



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