Oh, Henry

September 19, 2008






Henry Holland is a fairly new designer to the scene. His business soared and his teeshirts flew off shelves with his collection of neon, block-printed teeshirts that everyone wanted. My favorite? “Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey”. Quite funny.


So when Henry showed House of Holland just a few days ago in London, all eyes were on him. Turns out, he put together one of the most fashion forward collections I’ve seen in ages. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but it is definitely something a) new b) fresh c) spring. Home run.

I am particularly excited about the sheer shorts suit for men and his amazing party dresses for women. The layering of florals, polka dots and hawaiian prints shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

Another trend I’ve been seeing for men is this idea of man-tights. Armani, or was it Lanvin, did it for Men’s Spring 2009 back in July and now Henry has brought out some polka dotted versions. Shorts suit, man-tights and polka dot espadrilles? Sounds like I know what I’m wearing for spring.



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