Good Actresses Make Poor Choices, Too

September 22, 2008

Or, should I say, good actresses’ stylists make poor choices.

The Emmy Awards were last night and I checked WWD before heading to bed and they had a few preliminary photos up before the internet mavens got to them and, frankly, what I saw was terrifying. The women in the photos look amazing (um, Christina Applegate looked amazing after all that she’s been through). But their clothes and styling choices could use alot of work.

America Ferrara (love you, Betty) looks like she got wrapped in a vintage garbage bag instead of vintage Werle. Then spun around in her heels and slapped with some red lipstick. Honey, you’re in your early twenties, it’s OK to wear something a little more..well, stylish.

Rita Wilson has been around for a while. And I mean a while. Too bad her stylist knows it too because she wore Dior like she slept in it. I’ve never seen Dior look this bad. It’s gathered in all the wrong places and just makes her look like she rolled out of bed with great hair and make-up.

Susan Sarandon, gotta love her. She’s a mom, an activist and a kick-ass actress to boot. I’m thinking she should stick to one of those three. Fashion is not her forté. This Donna Karen number looks like she pulled it from the depths of her closet, threw on some peep toes and bolted out the door ten minutes before the ceremonies started. It’s a shame, but I guess this leaves room for improvement.

Harsh? Maybe. True? You know it.


All photos WWD


One Response to “Good Actresses Make Poor Choices, Too”

  1. chic2cheap said

    Wow she usually dresses fashionably..nice blog!

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