Love Her: Rihanna

September 24, 2008


Image via SFPT

Image via SFPT

Rihanna is not even 21 years old yet and she is already easily one of the biggest style stars of our generation.


I know she could get any clothes she wants and could wear anything and get photographed, but I like to think that she styles herself and picks her own clothes in that little-kid-ready-for-school kind of way. You know, where there’s always the outfit that was picked out beforehand but then there’s something that totally doesn’t belong.

Whether it’s a beret, some crazy jewelry or that fact that she’s wearing a brand that no one stateside (ex. the floral PPQ dress below) has heard of, she’s always got something new to bring to the table.

Bravo, my dear.


 Images: Source, Source, Source


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