October 1, 2008

Tonight’s Rachel Zoe made me the happiest fashionista alive. Not only did I see my beloved black wool knit jacket with asymmetrical zipper during the Marc show, but everything that she did during Fashion Week is my ultimate dream. Plus it made me want to shop. Bad. She went to shows, she went to market appointments, she went shopping, she went to parties and she sat front row at everything. God I love it. Makes me happy.

Not only was it an awesome, fashion forward episode (which I think is amazing for television, finally a show that showcases actual fashion and not just this Project Runway bologna), but there were some amazing quotes from Zoe and Brad. Some of which made me literally laugh my ass off, roll on the ground laughing, and attempt to use in conversation with friends.

Here are a few favorites:

Rachel: “I already bought three leopard coats and a leopard cape, what do you think?”

Brad: “Might need one more.”

Rachel’s make up friend: “How much did this cost?”

Rachel: “:Like 3500, 5000 or something, it’s bananas

Friend: “And you’re never going to wear it?”

Rachel: “Nope, I just want to look at it.”

Brad: “I’m almost in the first row but totally in the second row behind Rachel. This is major.”

Brad (note, best quote of.the.night.) “I’m the kind of person that if you go shopping with me I will cosign anything for you. If you want to buy a Birkin bag and haven’t paid your rent, I’ll totally sign your receipt. No problems.”

Rachel: “Brad! We have to give her a coat or she’ll throw on a god knows what.”

God, I love it.



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