When Grandma and Aunt Bertha Eloped

March 3, 2009

dolce-and-gabbana20My good friend Connie once posted something about watching fashion shows and finding it funny that no one really understands, except for fashion people that is, what is really coming down the runway in terms of the super-fashiony things. Basically, the things on the runway are oftentimes so bizarre and avant-garde that they’re truly unintelligible to the normal human being.

Well, after spending some time in fashion and seeing and deciphering some of the truly crazy things the world has to offer, I think that I’ve honed some fashion skills. But this throws me for a loop.

I truly don’t understand.

Don’t get it.

What the hell happened on this runway?

It’s no secret that Dolce & Gabbana are having some troubles. What with their offices moving around and labels being pulled from certain stores. But this collection isn’t going to help them at all. Not a single female in the normal world (editorial world? sure. This will go over like cotton candy at the county fair) will be buying nor wearing this. Strong shoulders are in, yes. Giant. Furry. Behemoth shoulders, however,  are not.



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