March 11, 2009

Male Ed. I don’t understand why people use town cars to go places. They’re a gigantic waste of money.

Female Ed. Yeah, I mean. Yeah. I’ve only ever used one once. I just take taxis.

Male Ed. I mean, the managing editor of the New York Times takes the subway everywhere she goes. She thinks that it’s necessary for the company to make cuts like that and taking taxis and town cars isn’t beneficial for the company.

Female Ed. That’s awesome. But I think taxis are totally acceptable.

Male Ed.  That’s like, the most profound thing ever. She isn’t worried about impressing anyone, she’ll take the subway where ever she goes. 


Apparently editors think that taking the subway with 4 million other New Yorkers every day is surprising. Needless to say, I wasn’t that impressed to hear it.


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