The Good, The Bad, The Impossible

April 22, 2009

These, I think I'd be able to live with.

These, I think I'd be able to live with.

Let’s change that to the bad, the worse and the mediocre. 

During my glory days (glory used loosely, but it was pretty much the most perfect summer of. my. life.) at Fashionista, I wrote this post about finding the perfect sandals for guys for the summer. Well, it’s that time of the calendar year again and I’m on the hunt. 

Too bad the pickings are looking pretty slim these days. Slim as in a crackhead on the Master Cleanse, slim. 

Now, I haven’t completely exhausted my resources, so if you know of a great place to get guys sandals (yes, guys, I’ve tried ordering women’s gladiator sandals ..hey, I’m OK with it…and it doesn’t work out in my favor) that are fashionably and socially acceptable outside of Bodunk, Mississippi, please direct me in that direction.

I’ll post a fun little gallery of some of the comical, decent, and down right embarrassing excuses for men’s footwear. I just don’t get how even Barneys and OAK can only have one decent option for guys and 100,000 million trillion for women. Then, the ones that are even decent cost $600, which is a no no for footwear that I’ll only wear for one summer. AND I am still unsure as to how the flip flop morphed into these bizarre shaped slide-type sandals that would leave the funniest, most redneck, tan lines after a day at the shore.

The Doc Marten/Raf combo is definitely interesting, but I’m looking for something acceptable to wear in and out of the office throughout the summer, and I’m thinking that those would just look crazy. Although, crazy can be a good thing.

Maybe it’s just time to order my second pair of Grecian leather options from that nice little man stowed away in the Isles of the Mediterranean.



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