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March 11, 2009

Male Ed. I don’t understand why people use town cars to go places. They’re a gigantic waste of money.

Female Ed. Yeah, I mean. Yeah. I’ve only ever used one once. I just take taxis.

Male Ed. I mean, the managing editor of the New York Times takes the subway everywhere she goes. She thinks that it’s necessary for the company to make cuts like that and taking taxis and town cars isn’t beneficial for the company.

Female Ed. That’s awesome. But I think taxis are totally acceptable.

Male Ed.  That’s like, the most profound thing ever. She isn’t worried about impressing anyone, she’ll take the subway where ever she goes. 


Apparently editors think that taking the subway with 4 million other New Yorkers every day is surprising. Needless to say, I wasn’t that impressed to hear it.

 I saw this on my new friend Fiona’s tumblr and couldn’t help but share it with everyone. It’s a tiny bit scary, and a huge, giant, massive, crushing slap in the face.

Hold on to your seatbelts kids.

Lim1ACK! I’m back! Finally, right? And what better time to revisit my blogging days than Fall 2009 Fashion Week here in NYC. It’s been a crazy week and there are only two days (although still jam-packed with good stuff) left. Then we move on to London, Milan and Paris.

God, I love Fashion Month.

Today I was lucky enough to go to my first real, live, breathing models and pounding music (thanks to Lissy Trullie) fashion show: 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Yup, at the Tent at Bryant Park, fifth row, ten feet off the runway. It was 15 minutes of pure heaven.

Overall the collection was great, like I told fellow intern (at TV..not W) Elana, it was very “Phillip-y”. Flowy dresses but not too ruffled, structure with amazing details and a few curves (like the “space monkey” jackets) thrown in there. I, personally, loved everything the guys wore, especially the floppy hat. AND oh…my…god, the mens Louboutin loafers with the studs.

Orgasmic, amazing, delectable, awesome, sick, fabulous. You name it. Those shoes were it.

As for some A-listers that were there. I was in pure, pure heaven. About 90 % of my male and female crushes were there. Keegan, Sam S., Anna Wintour, Becki Newton, Kanye West, Joy Bryant, and every editor known to man. It was a packed house and everyone looked amazing. Except for one, select editor who was looking a bit tired and rough, but that’s what happens when they stick you next to a pretty young thing.

Phillip Lim really knows how to make fashionable clothing we all want to wear.



Some looks that I particularly loved. The military/marching band influences were great and I really loved the pairing of the military jacket with a floor length day-dress. Perfecto.

I’m Not Dead, I Swear

December 2, 2008

DariaforChanelHi Everyone,

So sorry that I’ve been MIA for a month or more. School has really started to creep up on me. I’m graduating in the next two weeks and trying to get my life in order to figure out what to do afterwards.

I haven’t forgotten about anyone, I promise! I’ll be back in action later this week!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and are gearing up for the holidays.

All the best,



 There’s nothing more perfect that this outfit for fall. It’s taking a lot of trends from past, present and future and incorporating them into a stylish, perfected outfit for a brisk fall day.

Even though today in New York it’s about 75 degrees, I fantasize about being able to wear my fall/winter coat with a great cashmere sweater underneath and running out the door and through the fallen leaves. Pefection.

Perfect camel trench.

Belted? Hell ya.

A clutch? Oh Yes.

I’m in love.


Image: Bill Cunningham for the New York Times

God He’s Gorgeous

October 11, 2008

 Is there anyone else in the entire world that could pull off this look? I really, think there are very few that would be able to. First of all, no guy could make a skirt/kilt look that good. His calves are to die for, honestly.

The addition of the white socks with Doc Martens just goes to show that even Marc can rock a kilt and make it look damn good.

Now, if we only knew what was inside that giant (read: uber-expensive) Hermes bag??

Love, love


Back and Better Than Ever

October 7, 2008

Much to my, very excited, surprise: Maggie Rizer is on the cover of L’Officiel Singapore’s First Anniversary Edition! She’s been gone for a while, having her money stolen by her step father and writing books, opening doggy daycares, things like that but now she’s back to what she does best!

Maggie is kind of the unexpected super model. She had her day a while ago, then came back for a while and disappeared and now she’s popping up on Vogue Best Dressed from time to time, going to all the great events and scoring covers and ad campaigns.

Keep up the good work (even if the pink hair is a little too much), way to represent us Upstate NY’ers.


Images from the Design Scene Blog > L’Officiel

  I would like one, doesn’t matter which I want them all, and a Cartier Love Bracelet for Christmas please.


That means 80 days to start saving and then start spending.




Image Source

Louis Vuitton was one of the last collections to be showcased during Fashion Week in Paris, and boy was it -well- surprising. While Marc never seems to surprise anyone, Louis Vuitton is usually more paired down and subtle than it is crazy.

Marc changed that for spring. Poodle hair, big, structural jewelry, and shiny and sheer everything, it was all there. While I felt the jewelry and the hair totally threw off the outfits and I could have done with less, the clothes themselves were what made my jaw drop.

Louis Vuitton has such a history and to many aristocrats still living today, it was once this luxury brand that only the elite could afford and wear. Looks like Marc is throwing that mentality out the window and starting all over it.

Bravo, I say, Brav-o.


Image Source