I saw this on my new friend Fiona’s tumblr and couldn’t help but share it with everyone. It’s a tiny bit scary, and a huge, giant, massive, crushing slap in the face.

Hold on to your seatbelts kids.



March 10, 2009

ummwtfyslSo this morning I got to work at W and picked up the complimentary WWD that they have eagerly awaiting our arrival at the front door. Sure enough, the new YSL collection made the front page. So, I ran to Style.com to see what I’d missed from Paris yesterday.

And then I found…


Farmers, rejoyce. Fishermen, rejoyce. Biker babes, rejoyce. Because this “outfit” was made for the luxury farmers, fishermen and biker babes. It will probably cost in the $2,000+ range at retail and reminds me of fifth grade when overalls were in.

Ick. Not good, Stefano. Not. Good.


It’s no secret that Caroline Trentini, the jumping, leaping, bounding and flying Brazilian that
Vogue loves, has been missing for not only New York and Milan fashion weeks, but no one has seen her thus far in Paris either.

Until now.

Apparently YSL had an exclusive on the model. Meaning they paid her top dollar not to walk anyone else’s show but their own. But my question is, if she was an exclusive for YSL, why the hell did they put her in such awkward outfits? Sure she rocked that leather corset/swimsuit-ish outfit, but the second is so M.O.B. (mother of the bride) I can’t handle it. Plus she looks so unhappy to be there.

Why, why, why?

Upside Down, Inside Out

March 4, 2009


Everyone knows Isaac Mizrahi is a bit out there. But he is still one of fashion’s most beloved designers and characters. So who knew that he might be onto something when he sent Karlie Kloss down his Fall 2009 runway with a bottomless handbag plopped right on top of her head.

A little quirky, a whole lot of confusion, but it was oddly nautical. Even though none of his collection was nautical at all.

So this morning when I was thumbing through the Wednesday WWD and saw this photo of Borsalino’s Fall product line-up, I couldn’t help but think that maybe Isaac was onto something. The famous Italian milliner’s hat-turned-handbag is a bit intriguing, but it reminded me too much of when people attempted to make their jeans into handbags, which turned into a denim catastrophe, then came animal handbags and much more.

Good thing Borsalino’s is a bit more refined. And to think, this all may have come from Sketches And Answers.

March 4, 2009

Quote of the day:

teenfashionista@kylehayes1 I have a theory that a college needs a J. Crew to be an accredited university. Which doesn’t reflect favorably on my education.

Casey is in distress because her college town in Missouri doesn’t have a J. Crew or a Rugby Ralph Lauren  store. Via Twitter. Which, by the way, you should follow me on, here!

Best Of The Best

March 3, 2009

mcqueen-gg157872Paris Fall 2009 Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow; but, needless to say, I’m super excited about it. Not only because Paris is THE fashion week to be at since it truly guides what will be coming next fall, but because NY Fashion Week was less than stellar. Not too bad, but not 100% great at all. 

So, basically, I’m counting on Paris to lift my fashion spirits and get things back on track again.

In celebration, I’ve relived each of the Fall 2008 Paris collections and picked out some of my favorite looks from the “majors”. They’re truly la creme de la creme and were seen on anyone from Julia Frakes to Carine Roitfeld to the pages of Vogue

Chanel tights: ignore that Lily looks like a hot mess, these tights were the hottest thing this fall and were seen everywhere. F21 and H&M did millions of knock-offs, but the Chanels were the original kick-ass tights.

Balenciaga LBD: This dress was the femme fatale LBD. As if this photo doesn’t completely convey the “don’t mess with me” attitude, just seeing the dress on the hanger at Barneys send shivers down my spine.

Balmain: Not only was this collection meant for the total rockstar, this dress has “sex” written all over it. With the up-to-there slit and the red and black cheetah print, this was one of the sexiest, yet not overtly sexy, dresses to come down the runway for Fall.

Givenchy coat: Um, this coat is spectacular. That’s all there is to it. It’s feminine but hardcore but militaristic but can totally be worn over an evening gown. D.I.E.

THE Givenchy necklaces: No words. They’re amazing. If they didn’t cost probably $500 a piece, I would have bought them all and worn them around while people called me Mr. T. But that would be totally OK.

Margiela coat: Martin Margiela has a sense of humor when it comes to fashion, I think. Some people will say his completely avant-garde designs are the result of something deeper and more serious. I think he just wants to make fun of all the people who take fashion too seriously by making clothes that they actually will wear and look bizarre in. But at the same time, the clothes le maison makes are just so damn awesome you can’t help but push your personal style to the edge.

Louis Vuitton Fur: Every celebrity (ie. Maggie Gyllenhaul) who wore this ensemble looked absolutely ravishing in it. It just looks so warm and fuzzy and perfect for the too lux customer who’s hitting the slopes. Not that anyone should wear Vuitton on the ski slopes.

THAT McQueen dress: The ultimate princess dress. For some reason I’ve had dreams about this dress on a princess the night before her fairy tale wedding. The red is just so seductive and evil, yet the feathers make it refined and almost too good not to be couture.

Balenciaga coat: OK, so I have a think for Balenciaga. I not only have  monthly tendencies to place a black Moto bag in my shopping cart on Balenciaga.com and let it sit there until I talk myself out of it, but I also make trips to Barneys to look at it all up-close-in-person. These coats intrigued me for the minute I saw pictures on WWD. They had to be insanely uncomfortable, but they were just so futuristic but so wearable. Je t’aime


dolce-and-gabbana20My good friend Connie once posted something about watching fashion shows and finding it funny that no one really understands, except for fashion people that is, what is really coming down the runway in terms of the super-fashiony things. Basically, the things on the runway are oftentimes so bizarre and avant-garde that they’re truly unintelligible to the normal human being.

Well, after spending some time in fashion and seeing and deciphering some of the truly crazy things the world has to offer, I think that I’ve honed some fashion skills. But this throws me for a loop.

I truly don’t understand.

Don’t get it.

What the hell happened on this runway?

It’s no secret that Dolce & Gabbana are having some troubles. What with their offices moving around and labels being pulled from certain stores. But this collection isn’t going to help them at all. Not a single female in the normal world (editorial world? sure. This will go over like cotton candy at the county fair) will be buying nor wearing this. Strong shoulders are in, yes. Giant. Furry. Behemoth shoulders, however,  are not.


Lim1ACK! I’m back! Finally, right? And what better time to revisit my blogging days than Fall 2009 Fashion Week here in NYC. It’s been a crazy week and there are only two days (although still jam-packed with good stuff) left. Then we move on to London, Milan and Paris.

God, I love Fashion Month.

Today I was lucky enough to go to my first real, live, breathing models and pounding music (thanks to Lissy Trullie) fashion show: 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Yup, at the Tent at Bryant Park, fifth row, ten feet off the runway. It was 15 minutes of pure heaven.

Overall the collection was great, like I told fellow intern (at TV..not W) Elana, it was very “Phillip-y”. Flowy dresses but not too ruffled, structure with amazing details and a few curves (like the “space monkey” jackets) thrown in there. I, personally, loved everything the guys wore, especially the floppy hat. AND oh…my…god, the mens Louboutin loafers with the studs.

Orgasmic, amazing, delectable, awesome, sick, fabulous. You name it. Those shoes were it.

As for some A-listers that were there. I was in pure, pure heaven. About 90 % of my male and female crushes were there. Keegan, Sam S., Anna Wintour, Becki Newton, Kanye West, Joy Bryant, and every editor known to man. It was a packed house and everyone looked amazing. Except for one, select editor who was looking a bit tired and rough, but that’s what happens when they stick you next to a pretty young thing.

Phillip Lim really knows how to make fashionable clothing we all want to wear.



Some looks that I particularly loved. The military/marching band influences were great and I really loved the pairing of the military jacket with a floor length day-dress. Perfecto.

Best News…Ever

December 2, 2008

carineGawker reported this morning that the Waverly Inn was just a buzzing with rumors that Carine Roitfeld is to replace Anna Wintour at the helm of American Vogue this Jan. 2.

Carine’s editorials?

Carine’s style?

Carine’s amazingness?

Sign me up!

Not only will it sell twice as many copies per month as Vogue now, but it will finally put American Vogue on the map, again!

Is it January yet? Anna will be greatly missed, but Carine would be a welcome fresh, new face to New York.

I’m Not Dead, I Swear

December 2, 2008

DariaforChanelHi Everyone,

So sorry that I’ve been MIA for a month or more. School has really started to creep up on me. I’m graduating in the next two weeks and trying to get my life in order to figure out what to do afterwards.

I haven’t forgotten about anyone, I promise! I’ll be back in action later this week!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and are gearing up for the holidays.

All the best,