Run For The Hills

March 11, 2009

00420m Alexander McQueen showed his Fall 2009 collection last night to mixed reviews.

My review: holy. crap.

This stuff is scary. The make up looks like one of those clowns that every kid is scared of. Either that or one of the drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Neither of which I would recommend someone try mimicking.

This look (left) is truly scary. COACD called her “Hellraiser” and blamed her or Karlie Kloss’ little mishap. If I were Karlie I’d be running away in my six inch platforms, too.

And to think, Mcqueen was the same one who just released his capsule collection for Target, which includes this ill-fitting sack (see gallery). I checked it out at Target yesterday and it’s so-so. A+ for effort, C for execution.