Fashion Friends

May 26, 2009

Behati Prinsloo and Coco RochaIt’s the time of the year when change is in the air and there’s just so much going on that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with who’s going where and doing what with whom. Classmates are graduating and moving cross country for jobs or spending the summer at home before heading to grad school in the fall.

However, the friends that I have kept track of are my fellow fashion followers. And let me tell you, they’re up to some pretty amazing things. Not only are they making me insanely jealous of their summers stomping the streets of the City, but they’re doing more than just hanging out on Houston and spending their days recovering from the night before at Sub Mercer.

Elana Fishman: I met Elana last summer, and I can safely say she is probably one of the most intelligent, smart and funny people I’ve ever met. From our jaunts in the rain at Fashion Week to nights at Momofuku and BabyCakes for dessert, we spent some great time together. Miss Fishman recently graduated from NYU and has taken the position of Jason Wu’s  (fashion prodigy extrodinaire) administrative assistant.

Connie Wang: Connie was my partner in crime this past Fashion Week as we attempted to impress the fashion crowd at a hoity toity afterparty. Our attempt failed, as Connie lost her voice and I just wasn’t interesting enough to hold snooty PR people’s attention. Connie’s left her post as the wittiest West Coaster I know and graduated from UC Berkeley and will be headed to NYC soon to show the world who’s boss; because, well, I’ve never seen anyone rock a fur vest and vintage YSL tuxedo pants quite like Connie.

Casey Lewis: Casey was the first Teen Voguer and fellow fashion intern I met last summer. When I found out she was bringing TeenFashionista to NYC for the summer, I sent her a quick email and we decided to meet up at my favorite West Village cafe, Cafe Angelique, on Bleecker. From there we got rained out at the Vampire Weekend concert, ate the best PB and J sandwiches ever, just to name a few highlights. Casey’s spending the summer back in NYC interning for Conde again, this time at Cookie Magazine. Just what the world needs, a fashionable girl who can throw a killer dinner party.

John Huetter: John actually sat next to me in my marketing class back at St. John Fisher. I wouldn’t necessarily call us BFF, but he made the entire class crack up on a daily basis. Between his insane sense of humor and his VMan-worthy good looks, this boy’s got it made. John’s taken his marketing history into marketing himself, having signed with ADAM model agency in NYC and working the casting circuit. Fashionista favorite Jeremy Kost has already shot him on a summery rooftop.

Summer’s here and I can’t wait to see where everyone ends up!! Congratulations everyone and good luck!



Lim1ACK! I’m back! Finally, right? And what better time to revisit my blogging days than Fall 2009 Fashion Week here in NYC. It’s been a crazy week and there are only two days (although still jam-packed with good stuff) left. Then we move on to London, Milan and Paris.

God, I love Fashion Month.

Today I was lucky enough to go to my first real, live, breathing models and pounding music (thanks to Lissy Trullie) fashion show: 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Yup, at the Tent at Bryant Park, fifth row, ten feet off the runway. It was 15 minutes of pure heaven.

Overall the collection was great, like I told fellow intern (at TV..not W) Elana, it was very “Phillip-y”. Flowy dresses but not too ruffled, structure with amazing details and a few curves (like the “space monkey” jackets) thrown in there. I, personally, loved everything the guys wore, especially the floppy hat. AND oh…my…god, the mens Louboutin loafers with the studs.

Orgasmic, amazing, delectable, awesome, sick, fabulous. You name it. Those shoes were it.

As for some A-listers that were there. I was in pure, pure heaven. About 90 % of my male and female crushes were there. Keegan, Sam S., Anna Wintour, Becki Newton, Kanye West, Joy Bryant, and every editor known to man. It was a packed house and everyone looked amazing. Except for one, select editor who was looking a bit tired and rough, but that’s what happens when they stick you next to a pretty young thing.

Phillip Lim really knows how to make fashionable clothing we all want to wear.



Some looks that I particularly loved. The military/marching band influences were great and I really loved the pairing of the military jacket with a floor length day-dress. Perfecto.

Had a Long Day, er, Month

October 2, 2008

There’s a saying that I’ve heard a dozen times, “It’s always Fashion Week somewhere”.

Turns out, it’s true. Not only is there New York, Milan, London and Paris but there’s L.A., Miami, Australian, New Zealand, etc.

But only the major girls walk the major runways. And those poor girls are looking a little tired, a little cranky and a bit rough now that Paris rounds out Fashion Month. They began in New York and were dragged to every major city in Europe and they’re finishing out the month in Paris today and tomorrow.

Natasha got her workout in Milan, where she opened at least four shows and walked a dozen more. Raquel, at Givenchy, looked like she was about to leap off the runway and crawl into bed. And Lara, well, she’s just looking a big grumpy.

Take a vacation, get some sleep, you’ve done good girls.


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October 1, 2008

Tonight’s Rachel Zoe made me the happiest fashionista alive. Not only did I see my beloved black wool knit jacket with asymmetrical zipper during the Marc show, but everything that she did during Fashion Week is my ultimate dream. Plus it made me want to shop. Bad. She went to shows, she went to market appointments, she went shopping, she went to parties and she sat front row at everything. God I love it. Makes me happy.

Not only was it an awesome, fashion forward episode (which I think is amazing for television, finally a show that showcases actual fashion and not just this Project Runway bologna), but there were some amazing quotes from Zoe and Brad. Some of which made me literally laugh my ass off, roll on the ground laughing, and attempt to use in conversation with friends.

Here are a few favorites:

Rachel: “I already bought three leopard coats and a leopard cape, what do you think?”

Brad: “Might need one more.”

Rachel’s make up friend: “How much did this cost?”

Rachel: “:Like 3500, 5000 or something, it’s bananas

Friend: “And you’re never going to wear it?”

Rachel: “Nope, I just want to look at it.”

Brad: “I’m almost in the first row but totally in the second row behind Rachel. This is major.”

Brad (note, best quote of.the.night.) “I’m the kind of person that if you go shopping with me I will cosign anything for you. If you want to buy a Birkin bag and haven’t paid your rent, I’ll totally sign your receipt. No problems.”

Rachel: “Brad! We have to give her a coat or she’ll throw on a god knows what.”

God, I love it.



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Dean and Dan Grow Up

September 26, 2008

Seeing Chanel Iman open the DSquared Milan show with her sexy-but-not-so-much pose at the end of the runway in a slinky white swimsuit, I was expecting the worse.

I mean, DSquared isn’t so much known for their sleek and sophisticated clothing as they are for their shorter than short, probably won’t work unless you’re Brazilian, clothing designs.

Until now. Three piece suits for women. Generously cut trousers. High-collared dresses in heavy silks. 

DSquared has officially grown up and started running with the big dogs. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it reminds me alot of the sophisticated sexiness that Tom Ford gave to Gucci some eight years ago. Not quite there yet, but it sure looks like it’s on its way.

Wow. Bravo.


 image source


Jourdan Dunn at Prada, image from Coutorture.

Jourdan Dunn at Prada, image from Coutorture.

Until now, apparently.


Dear Miucca, what were you thinking?

It takes alot of make Jourdan Dunn look bad, and she sure did it. After Fall’s knockout lace collection that has graced every magazine from Teen Vogue to V, this is quite a disappointment.

Bandeau tops and a skirt? That doesn’t constitute a dress and I’m not sure that Prada clientele will be wearing this often.

This metallic gold mess? I don’t understand.

The wrinkled silk skirts and tops? Was it the models’ (who, by the way, look haggard) homework assignment to go sleep in the clothes and then come back and stomp the runway?

I’m confused, to say the least. Miucca, we expected better.


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Oh, Henry

September 19, 2008

Henry Holland is a fairly new designer to the scene. His business soared and his teeshirts flew off shelves with his collection of neon, block-printed teeshirts that everyone wanted. My favorite? “Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey”. Quite funny.


So when Henry showed House of Holland just a few days ago in London, all eyes were on him. Turns out, he put together one of the most fashion forward collections I’ve seen in ages. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but it is definitely something a) new b) fresh c) spring. Home run.

I am particularly excited about the sheer shorts suit for men and his amazing party dresses for women. The layering of florals, polka dots and hawaiian prints shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

Another trend I’ve been seeing for men is this idea of man-tights. Armani, or was it Lanvin, did it for Men’s Spring 2009 back in July and now Henry has brought out some polka dotted versions. Shorts suit, man-tights and polka dot espadrilles? Sounds like I know what I’m wearing for spring.



SImage via

Image via

So here it is my friends, Front Row Center, online and soon to be in print. This blog is a collaboration between a few different projects, a class, a newspaper and a website. Lost yet? Front Row Center will be appearing on the site in a daily format, but will appear in print in the Cardinal Courier newspaper every other Wednesday on St. John Fisher College campus. So read which ever you see, but don’t forget to check back between the two for even more fashion info, tips, and just my daily thoughts on the fashion world as it intersects with my own college life.

I know it sounds crazy, a student and fashion intern (at, god I miss those girls)…starting a fashion blog during the middle of NYC Spring 2009 Fashion Week, amidst all the madness that’s occurring in Bryant Park at this very minute. But hey, what better time to jump right into things. 

Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs have been two of my favorite shows to watch every season, every year and this year was no different. From the blue and white dress at Marc by Marc (left) to the crazy layering at Marc Jacobs, I’m not really sure how Marc does it. He has so much inspiration going through his head, and creates so many designs that I find it hard to believe that he has that much creative energy to play around with (he designs Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs (his diffusion line) and the Louis Vuitton collection and accessories for all of them). How crazy is that?

For menswear at Marc, I honestly can’t find a single thing I wouldn’t wear. For real. The beaten silk blazers and the fire-y red/orange pants. I need every single piece from the Marc by Marc collection. does a 21 year old on a college budget pay for this? Looks like I’m going to have to start selling my soul for Marc Jacobs. I’m OK with that.

Until next time, or the next show.