New York, New York

April 8, 2009

So now that I’ve officially moved into adult life and left intern world, I’ve also sadly left my second most favorite (second only to the beach on St. Maarten) place in the world, New York.

Yup, that’s right, no more walks up 5th Ave., strolls in the West Village, shopping on Broadway or trips to Cafecita Bogota in Greenpoint. I’ve officially moved back to one of the most un-fashionable places in the world, where plaid isn’t a trend for fall, it’s a lifestyle; where Marc rainboots solicite comments like “did you just come from the farm”, instead of garner comments like “ohh, cute!” like they once did.

So I’ve compiled a top-ten list of reasons why I will miss New York:

10)  Going to work in acid blue skinnies or grass green jeans is normal. No one makes comments like “St. Patrick’s Day was a month ago.” In public, no one stares on the street, come ot think of it, no one thinks twice.

9)  Bowties are a regular occurance in the fashion world. The W fashion assitant wore one everyday, Alber is known for his, Brad equally as much. Here, they garner giggles. Still SO cute though. Who knew bowties were so fun?

8 ) Situation: the thought of buying a Balenciaga bag, yes? no? In New York: everyone’s an enabler, “yes” “OMG let’s go to Barneys right now” “is that even a question?”. Here: “WHAT?! $1500 on a purse!?”

7) The idea of a “murse” in the city is SO five years ago. Now, everyone has one, it goes without mention. Here, the word “murse” is still used. And in reference to one of the “reusable” shopping bags. Oye.

6) Driving. Hate it. Cannot stand it. I will take an hour commute home with three trains, including the ridiculous G train, any night over a 20 minute drive to the nearest bar that’s not filled with Nascar fans.

5) Exercise. Never have I ever been in such good shape or had such a shapely butt than the two times I’ve lived in the City. The formula of little money = no groceries + walking 6 blocks home, 20 blocks to work, etc. + being late for work = running those 20 blocks = amazing calves, gluts and a flatter tummy. What could be better?

4) Celebrities. This is the 12-year-old girl in me. But whenever I met a celebrity of any kind, my life in New York, no matter how wet my pants were from walking in the rain or how much I couldn’t feel my fingers from the fridgid winter weather, it was so reaffirming to just chitchat with Brooke Shields or Mr. Zoe (!).

3) Pinkberry, BabyCakes, Magnolia, Le Pain, Delicatessan, Cafe Havana, Cafe Bogota, any other restaurant I frequented on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

2) Access to every magazine published in the entire world. If Around the World (off Bryant Park) didn’t have it, the magazine store on Spring and Lafayette would. Ugh, I miss.

1) Temptation. When the closest store to me (currently) is Target, followed quickly by American Eagle, Hollister and any other mall chain, I miss the golden days. The days of wandering up Mercer before work and looking in the windows at Marc, Philip and Marni. Especially now that Topshop is there, I’m jealous, soo jealous.  The days when I would “window shop” at Uniqlo, MadeWell, OAK and more, have come and gone, along with my bank account.

But as the Governator would say, “I’ll be back”, and so soon. Because I’m going to need a wardrobe rejuvenation as well as a large pomegranate swirl Pinkberry with white chocolate and pineapple.



Louis Vuitton was one of the last collections to be showcased during Fashion Week in Paris, and boy was it -well- surprising. While Marc never seems to surprise anyone, Louis Vuitton is usually more paired down and subtle than it is crazy.

Marc changed that for spring. Poodle hair, big, structural jewelry, and shiny and sheer everything, it was all there. While I felt the jewelry and the hair totally threw off the outfits and I could have done with less, the clothes themselves were what made my jaw drop.

Louis Vuitton has such a history and to many aristocrats still living today, it was once this luxury brand that only the elite could afford and wear. Looks like Marc is throwing that mentality out the window and starting all over it.

Bravo, I say, Brav-o.


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October 1, 2008

Tonight’s Rachel Zoe made me the happiest fashionista alive. Not only did I see my beloved black wool knit jacket with asymmetrical zipper during the Marc show, but everything that she did during Fashion Week is my ultimate dream. Plus it made me want to shop. Bad. She went to shows, she went to market appointments, she went shopping, she went to parties and she sat front row at everything. God I love it. Makes me happy.

Not only was it an awesome, fashion forward episode (which I think is amazing for television, finally a show that showcases actual fashion and not just this Project Runway bologna), but there were some amazing quotes from Zoe and Brad. Some of which made me literally laugh my ass off, roll on the ground laughing, and attempt to use in conversation with friends.

Here are a few favorites:

Rachel: “I already bought three leopard coats and a leopard cape, what do you think?”

Brad: “Might need one more.”

Rachel’s make up friend: “How much did this cost?”

Rachel: “:Like 3500, 5000 or something, it’s bananas

Friend: “And you’re never going to wear it?”

Rachel: “Nope, I just want to look at it.”

Brad: “I’m almost in the first row but totally in the second row behind Rachel. This is major.”

Brad (note, best quote of.the.night.) “I’m the kind of person that if you go shopping with me I will cosign anything for you. If you want to buy a Birkin bag and haven’t paid your rent, I’ll totally sign your receipt. No problems.”

Rachel: “Brad! We have to give her a coat or she’ll throw on a god knows what.”

God, I love it.



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Bryan Boy, Is That You?

September 11, 2008


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If you don’t know Bryan Boy than I highly suggest you start “Click Click Click”-ing on over to

Not only is he the funniest fashion blogger I know next to FakeKarl but he’s fashion’s newest muse. Marc loves him, Alber (from Lanvin) loves him and he loves all of them just as much. Not only did he have a Marc Jacobs bag named after him (which is Marc’s ultimate sign of commitment) but Cole Mohr channeled this “Third World” blogger in the new women’s Marc by Marc ad campaign.

So when I saw the Phillip Lim show on and this man (left) came out, all I could think was “Oh My God, Bryan Boy would love this.” His signature black, flowy pants with a well cut silk shirt with a great, wide, sparkly, embezzled belt. Bryan Boy, just consider this shopping for others. We knew you’d love this.

Just pair with some Pierre Hardys, and you’re all set to go.


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So here it is my friends, Front Row Center, online and soon to be in print. This blog is a collaboration between a few different projects, a class, a newspaper and a website. Lost yet? Front Row Center will be appearing on the site in a daily format, but will appear in print in the Cardinal Courier newspaper every other Wednesday on St. John Fisher College campus. So read which ever you see, but don’t forget to check back between the two for even more fashion info, tips, and just my daily thoughts on the fashion world as it intersects with my own college life.

I know it sounds crazy, a student and fashion intern (at, god I miss those girls)…starting a fashion blog during the middle of NYC Spring 2009 Fashion Week, amidst all the madness that’s occurring in Bryant Park at this very minute. But hey, what better time to jump right into things. 

Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs have been two of my favorite shows to watch every season, every year and this year was no different. From the blue and white dress at Marc by Marc (left) to the crazy layering at Marc Jacobs, I’m not really sure how Marc does it. He has so much inspiration going through his head, and creates so many designs that I find it hard to believe that he has that much creative energy to play around with (he designs Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs (his diffusion line) and the Louis Vuitton collection and accessories for all of them). How crazy is that?

For menswear at Marc, I honestly can’t find a single thing I wouldn’t wear. For real. The beaten silk blazers and the fire-y red/orange pants. I need every single piece from the Marc by Marc collection. does a 21 year old on a college budget pay for this? Looks like I’m going to have to start selling my soul for Marc Jacobs. I’m OK with that.

Until next time, or the next show.