These, I think I'd be able to live with.

These, I think I'd be able to live with.

Let’s change that to the bad, the worse and the mediocre. 

During my glory days (glory used loosely, but it was pretty much the most perfect summer of. my. life.) at Fashionista, I wrote this post about finding the perfect sandals for guys for the summer. Well, it’s that time of the calendar year again and I’m on the hunt. 

Too bad the pickings are looking pretty slim these days. Slim as in a crackhead on the Master Cleanse, slim. 

Now, I haven’t completely exhausted my resources, so if you know of a great place to get guys sandals (yes, guys, I’ve tried ordering women’s gladiator sandals ..hey, I’m OK with it…and it doesn’t work out in my favor) that are fashionably and socially acceptable outside of Bodunk, Mississippi, please direct me in that direction.

I’ll post a fun little gallery of some of the comical, decent, and down right embarrassing excuses for men’s footwear. I just don’t get how even Barneys and OAK can only have one decent option for guys and 100,000 million trillion for women. Then, the ones that are even decent cost $600, which is a no no for footwear that I’ll only wear for one summer. AND I am still unsure as to how the flip flop morphed into these bizarre shaped slide-type sandals that would leave the funniest, most redneck, tan lines after a day at the shore.

The Doc Marten/Raf combo is definitely interesting, but I’m looking for something acceptable to wear in and out of the office throughout the summer, and I’m thinking that those would just look crazy. Although, crazy can be a good thing.

Maybe it’s just time to order my second pair of Grecian leather options from that nice little man stowed away in the Isles of the Mediterranean.



Oh, Henry

September 19, 2008

Henry Holland is a fairly new designer to the scene. His business soared and his teeshirts flew off shelves with his collection of neon, block-printed teeshirts that everyone wanted. My favorite? “Do Me Daily Christopher Bailey”. Quite funny.


So when Henry showed House of Holland just a few days ago in London, all eyes were on him. Turns out, he put together one of the most fashion forward collections I’ve seen in ages. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but it is definitely something a) new b) fresh c) spring. Home run.

I am particularly excited about the sheer shorts suit for men and his amazing party dresses for women. The layering of florals, polka dots and hawaiian prints shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

Another trend I’ve been seeing for men is this idea of man-tights. Armani, or was it Lanvin, did it for Men’s Spring 2009 back in July and now Henry has brought out some polka dotted versions. Shorts suit, man-tights and polka dot espadrilles? Sounds like I know what I’m wearing for spring.


Photos via The Sartorialist

Photos via The Sartorialist

It’s not really something seriously fashion forward but it does add a little bit of something to any guy’s outfit. I’ve been rolling my pants all summer, mostly because when you’re interning on the hot streets of New York where you think that your Converse might be melting to your feet, you will do just about anything to cool your limbs. And we all know that you can’t intern in fashion and get away with wearing shorts every day.


So, basically, rolling pants was the way I went. However, some problems arise when it comes to raising the hemline on your denim. First of all, if your jeans or pants aren’t straight cut, don’t bother. A rolled boot cut jean will turn into more of a high-water-bell-bottom than anything remotely stylish.

Thus, a straight cut jean works best and keeps the line of the leg narrowed. It’s also important to roll high enough to where you don’t shorten the leg, but not high enough to where you’re wearing man-capris.

In these pictures from The Sartorialist, the first man pulled off a successful roll. Just right. The second, an example of how to make yourself look slightly clownish.

Didn’t know it was that technical, I bet, huh?


Bryan Boy, Is That You?

September 11, 2008


Image via

Image via

If you don’t know Bryan Boy than I highly suggest you start “Click Click Click”-ing on over to

Not only is he the funniest fashion blogger I know next to FakeKarl but he’s fashion’s newest muse. Marc loves him, Alber (from Lanvin) loves him and he loves all of them just as much. Not only did he have a Marc Jacobs bag named after him (which is Marc’s ultimate sign of commitment) but Cole Mohr channeled this “Third World” blogger in the new women’s Marc by Marc ad campaign.

So when I saw the Phillip Lim show on and this man (left) came out, all I could think was “Oh My God, Bryan Boy would love this.” His signature black, flowy pants with a well cut silk shirt with a great, wide, sparkly, embezzled belt. Bryan Boy, just consider this shopping for others. We knew you’d love this.

Just pair with some Pierre Hardys, and you’re all set to go.

I Heart Phillip Lim, Do You?

September 11, 2008


Images via

Images via

 I have to admit, I know that Phillip Lim has been a big deal in the fashion world for a long time now, well…in comparison to fresh faces like Rodarte and Alexander Wang. But I really haven’t kept up with alot of his designs until recently. Until he did his mens sandal collection for this summer when I fell in love with all his gladiator designs have I really discovered my love for Phillip. So, when he showed his collection at NY Fashion Week yesterday, I eagerly waited for to upload their photos. 

And boy was I not disappointed. Classic preppy looks with fresh proportions and sharp twists. For the men, it was all about long, double breasted jackets that actually gave guys a – gasp- shape. Lim also incorporated to trendy, but not so often seen on the street, drop-crotch pants (left) that I’m obsessed with. However, I’d probably never wear them.

For the women, it was all about elegancy, simplicity with amazing details. What’s not to love about this belt that’s tied into an oversized bow?

I find the best thing about Phillip Lim is that it’s not completely out of my price range. If you save up, hold off on the Gap sweater shopping this year and save your pennies, Phillip Lim is not entirely out of reach. So when Phillip shows up on come February, I’ll meet you there!



SImage via

Image via

So here it is my friends, Front Row Center, online and soon to be in print. This blog is a collaboration between a few different projects, a class, a newspaper and a website. Lost yet? Front Row Center will be appearing on the site in a daily format, but will appear in print in the Cardinal Courier newspaper every other Wednesday on St. John Fisher College campus. So read which ever you see, but don’t forget to check back between the two for even more fashion info, tips, and just my daily thoughts on the fashion world as it intersects with my own college life.

I know it sounds crazy, a student and fashion intern (at, god I miss those girls)…starting a fashion blog during the middle of NYC Spring 2009 Fashion Week, amidst all the madness that’s occurring in Bryant Park at this very minute. But hey, what better time to jump right into things. 

Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs have been two of my favorite shows to watch every season, every year and this year was no different. From the blue and white dress at Marc by Marc (left) to the crazy layering at Marc Jacobs, I’m not really sure how Marc does it. He has so much inspiration going through his head, and creates so many designs that I find it hard to believe that he has that much creative energy to play around with (he designs Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs (his diffusion line) and the Louis Vuitton collection and accessories for all of them). How crazy is that?

For menswear at Marc, I honestly can’t find a single thing I wouldn’t wear. For real. The beaten silk blazers and the fire-y red/orange pants. I need every single piece from the Marc by Marc collection. does a 21 year old on a college budget pay for this? Looks like I’m going to have to start selling my soul for Marc Jacobs. I’m OK with that.

Until next time, or the next show.