Run For The Hills

March 11, 2009

00420m Alexander McQueen showed his Fall 2009 collection last night to mixed reviews.

My review: holy. crap.

This stuff is scary. The make up looks like one of those clowns that every kid is scared of. Either that or one of the drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Neither of which I would recommend someone try mimicking.

This look (left) is truly scary. COACD called her “Hellraiser” and blamed her or Karlie Kloss’ little mishap. If I were Karlie I’d be running away in my six inch platforms, too.

And to think, Mcqueen was the same one who just released his capsule collection for Target, which includes this ill-fitting sack (see gallery). I checked it out at Target yesterday and it’s so-so. A+ for effort, C for execution.



It’s no secret that Caroline Trentini, the jumping, leaping, bounding and flying Brazilian that
Vogue loves, has been missing for not only New York and Milan fashion weeks, but no one has seen her thus far in Paris either.

Until now.

Apparently YSL had an exclusive on the model. Meaning they paid her top dollar not to walk anyone else’s show but their own. But my question is, if she was an exclusive for YSL, why the hell did they put her in such awkward outfits? Sure she rocked that leather corset/swimsuit-ish outfit, but the second is so M.O.B. (mother of the bride) I can’t handle it. Plus she looks so unhappy to be there.

Why, why, why?

Best Of The Best

March 3, 2009

mcqueen-gg157872Paris Fall 2009 Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow; but, needless to say, I’m super excited about it. Not only because Paris is THE fashion week to be at since it truly guides what will be coming next fall, but because NY Fashion Week was less than stellar. Not too bad, but not 100% great at all. 

So, basically, I’m counting on Paris to lift my fashion spirits and get things back on track again.

In celebration, I’ve relived each of the Fall 2008 Paris collections and picked out some of my favorite looks from the “majors”. They’re truly la creme de la creme and were seen on anyone from Julia Frakes to Carine Roitfeld to the pages of Vogue

Chanel tights: ignore that Lily looks like a hot mess, these tights were the hottest thing this fall and were seen everywhere. F21 and H&M did millions of knock-offs, but the Chanels were the original kick-ass tights.

Balenciaga LBD: This dress was the femme fatale LBD. As if this photo doesn’t completely convey the “don’t mess with me” attitude, just seeing the dress on the hanger at Barneys send shivers down my spine.

Balmain: Not only was this collection meant for the total rockstar, this dress has “sex” written all over it. With the up-to-there slit and the red and black cheetah print, this was one of the sexiest, yet not overtly sexy, dresses to come down the runway for Fall.

Givenchy coat: Um, this coat is spectacular. That’s all there is to it. It’s feminine but hardcore but militaristic but can totally be worn over an evening gown. D.I.E.

THE Givenchy necklaces: No words. They’re amazing. If they didn’t cost probably $500 a piece, I would have bought them all and worn them around while people called me Mr. T. But that would be totally OK.

Margiela coat: Martin Margiela has a sense of humor when it comes to fashion, I think. Some people will say his completely avant-garde designs are the result of something deeper and more serious. I think he just wants to make fun of all the people who take fashion too seriously by making clothes that they actually will wear and look bizarre in. But at the same time, the clothes le maison makes are just so damn awesome you can’t help but push your personal style to the edge.

Louis Vuitton Fur: Every celebrity (ie. Maggie Gyllenhaul) who wore this ensemble looked absolutely ravishing in it. It just looks so warm and fuzzy and perfect for the too lux customer who’s hitting the slopes. Not that anyone should wear Vuitton on the ski slopes.

THAT McQueen dress: The ultimate princess dress. For some reason I’ve had dreams about this dress on a princess the night before her fairy tale wedding. The red is just so seductive and evil, yet the feathers make it refined and almost too good not to be couture.

Balenciaga coat: OK, so I have a think for Balenciaga. I not only have  monthly tendencies to place a black Moto bag in my shopping cart on and let it sit there until I talk myself out of it, but I also make trips to Barneys to look at it all up-close-in-person. These coats intrigued me for the minute I saw pictures on WWD. They had to be insanely uncomfortable, but they were just so futuristic but so wearable. Je t’aime


Louis Vuitton was one of the last collections to be showcased during Fashion Week in Paris, and boy was it -well- surprising. While Marc never seems to surprise anyone, Louis Vuitton is usually more paired down and subtle than it is crazy.

Marc changed that for spring. Poodle hair, big, structural jewelry, and shiny and sheer everything, it was all there. While I felt the jewelry and the hair totally threw off the outfits and I could have done with less, the clothes themselves were what made my jaw drop.

Louis Vuitton has such a history and to many aristocrats still living today, it was once this luxury brand that only the elite could afford and wear. Looks like Marc is throwing that mentality out the window and starting all over it.

Bravo, I say, Brav-o.


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Had a Long Day, er, Month

October 2, 2008

There’s a saying that I’ve heard a dozen times, “It’s always Fashion Week somewhere”.

Turns out, it’s true. Not only is there New York, Milan, London and Paris but there’s L.A., Miami, Australian, New Zealand, etc.

But only the major girls walk the major runways. And those poor girls are looking a little tired, a little cranky and a bit rough now that Paris rounds out Fashion Month. They began in New York and were dragged to every major city in Europe and they’re finishing out the month in Paris today and tomorrow.

Natasha got her workout in Milan, where she opened at least four shows and walked a dozen more. Raquel, at Givenchy, looked like she was about to leap off the runway and crawl into bed. And Lara, well, she’s just looking a big grumpy.

Take a vacation, get some sleep, you’ve done good girls.


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